tisdag 22 mars 2016

Waiting For Easter..

Easter photo p5_zps901ee68f.jpg
”Welcome To Spring”
Night Ladys Star

We must live throught the dreary winter..
If we would value the spring..
And the woods must be cold and silent..
Before the robins sing..
Night Ladys Star
The flowers must be buried in darkness..
Before they can bud and bloom..
And the sweetest, warmest sunshine..
Comes after the storm and gloom..
Night Ladys Star
 Happy Easter
Easter photo 94244191_zpsif9ym29d.png

måndag 14 mars 2016

Ingen kan vara nere med en ballong..

Night Ladys Star
Love is like a balloon
You love it
You love to play with it
Look at it
Night Ladys Star
But when it pops
It's different
It's gone
It startles you
Night Ladys Star
Night Lady